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The globular body raised on a slightly tapering foot from which rises a tall cylindrical neck, the body with two poems inscribed on either side, the base with a six character Qianlong mark, 20cm.

One poem reads: 'The clouds loom after the snow; among ten thousand miles of silence, a loud noise hits the ground. I can hear the female deity pushing the vehicle of thunder, and the rain starts pouring down'.

The other poem reads: 'Fan Li (a Chinese merchant who later became the advisor to the King of Yue) travels on lake Tai. The snow covers the bank; the sky is clear and the lake tranquil. The three scholars (Yang Weizheng, Lu Juren and Qian Weishan of the Yan dynasty) are no longer present and the senior official is wise and reliable' (the senior official probably refers to Qu Yuan, a poet and minister during the Warring States period).

Both poems are inscribed with a commentary including Qianlong ding chou chun ri yu bi which translates as the Spring of the ding chou year written by Qianlong, corresponding to 1757.

Provenance: formerly the collection of Sir Percival and Lady David, sold Sotheby's 5th December 1961, lot 136 for £68 to Spink and Son, and later the collection of M H T Hodgson.

The Property of a Gentleman.

Published: the Oriental Ceramic Society, Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society, 1963-64, vol.35. Also exhibited and published by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Oriental Ceramic Society in their joint exhibition, The Arts of the Ch'ing Dynasty, London, 26th May - 2nd July 1964. Also published by S Jenyns in Chinese Arts: The Minor Arts, vol.II, 1965, p.144.


清乾隆 御題詩孔雀藍料長頸瓶

銘文:御製 云陰送晚雪

匼匝于鱗波 匉(砰)訇萬竅瘖(喑)耳邊車隱隱 頭上墨涔涔

匼匝 馬頭金匼匝

匉訇 雷公匉訇震天鼓

萬竅 莊子大瑰噫氣其名為風

車 阿香女推雷車

黑風 人外黑人吹海立


御製 范蠡游五湖 雪灘灘畔路 天濶水平鋪 邈矣三高士 賢哉一大夫

五湖 按吳越戰于五湖即今之大廟

松陵江笠澤 即今震澤

三高士 松江有三高士墓 楊維楨 陸居仁 錢惟善三人


来源:大維德舊藏,蘇富比倫敦1961年12月5日·編號136,由Spink and Son 以£68镑购得,曾在東方瓷器俱樂部1963-64年的展覽展出,Vol.35

Estimate: £100,000 - 150,000
Lot: 99
Sale: Asian Art - 16 May 2017


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