YANG FEI YUN (1954-) THE NORTHERN GIRL A Chinese painting


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YANG FEI YUN (1954-)


A Chinese painting, oil on canvas, signed September 1987, Yang Fei Yun hua Peng Peng, framed, with a paper label for the Hefner Galleries, Inc., 88cm x 70cm.


Exhibited in 1987 at the inaugural 'National Oil Painting Exhibition' in Shanghai, winning the first prize.

Exhibited in 1988 at the Hefner Galleries Inc. New York, 'Contemporary Oil Paintings from The People's Republic of China'.

Purchased by Dame Anita Roddick (1942-2007) c.1990 from Hefner Galleries Inc., New York.

Sold on behalf of the Roddick Charitable Foundation.


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